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Southern Kingdom Medical Direct Needles


Acupuncture Needles

We supply premium quality Phoenix Acupuncture Needles. Phoenix Acupuncture needles have compliance certificates. Phoenix Medical Direct acupuncture needles are designed to perform and satisfy the highest safety and reliability standards. These acupuncture needles are made from the highest quality Japanese surgical stainless steel using the most advanced manufacturing facilities. Every single step of production is strictly controlled, from raw material inspection to the final product testing, including quality controls during manufacturing, polishing and sterilisation. The Acupuncture Needles tip is sharpened and polished to ensure consistency and provide ultimate sharpness, thus delivering a painless and efficient acupuncture treatment. In cooperation with our partners at Phoenix we are able to deliver a competitive price compared to other acupuncture needles suppliers. Different handle designs benefit different applications.

All the Phoenix Acupuncture Needles have been completed using the latest Gama x-ray sterilization technology. Phoenix acupuncture needles are the first acupuncture needles to use this highly advanced technology to ensure the highest hygiene and safety requirements. All the plastic used in the Phoenix Acupuncture Needles handle & packaging are PP/PET biodegradable plastic instead of XPVC non-degradable plastic. In keeping with the holistic nature of our medicine our partners are working to provide an ecological solution for your acupuncture needles that won't harm the planet


Acupuncture Needles

New design allows the Phoenix Acupuncture Needles to be released by pressing a plunger at the end of guide tube, and so applied to difficult or awkward places with confidence and ease. Handle and shaft of the acupuncture needles are made from similar material to increase efficacy of electro-acupuncture treatment by maintaining constant electric conductivity. The rounded edges of the acupuncture needles guide tube have been designed for comfort and painless insertion.

Detox Plastic Handle Acupuncture Needles

Highly visible orange colour handle; Ribbed surface for easy gripping; Ideal acupuncture needles for facial and ear acupuncture treatment.

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