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Southern Kingdom Medical Direct Dispensary

Our Dispensary Services are exclusively operated by a qualified TCM Herbalist. All prescriptions are to be sent to the Practitioner only. Practitioners will have to do the final assembly and pass it to their patient.

Please contact us if you have any enquiries. Email: : Tel: +353 (0)66 9761066 / +353 (0)87 2480723


Our supply of dry herbs are authenticated Premium Herbs carefully selected and packed By the Shang Hai Medical Group which have strict heavy metal, sulphur and pesticide residue Levels policy in accordance with the highest Pharmacopaeia requirements.

Dao Di can be Translated as "Earth Way" and embodies the concept of harvesting in the right regions at the right times and are preserved from oxidation and deterioration by slick, silvery vacuum packaging methods that preserve subtle and fragile active principles like volatile essential oils.


Our supplier, Phoenix, uses classical decoction methods (only water) and Hi-Tech Spray-Drying processes yielding Higher Concentrations and excellent effectiveness. This process allows for a drastic reduction on binders and/or fillers resulting in a highly efficient mix, perfectly soluble in warm water.

Stringent quality control policies providing morphological authentication of botanicals and delivering certificates of analysis batch by batch.

Southern Kingdom Medical Direct provides a one-stop-shop for all your Dispensing requirements from capsules and encapsulating machines to pharmaceutical grade containers, from authenticated premium Herbs to Dispensary jars. Please click here to browse our online shop (requires registration)

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